Starters N' More
An awesome assortment of good grub to get things going
Mega Wings
Giant marinated wings done up buffalo style with hot sauce and butter, served with radishes, lime and blue cheese dressing on the side. 8 wings-6.75 / 16 wings 12.75
Super Asada Fries
A big basket of shoestring fries piled high with tender carne asada, jack cheese, onions, cilantro and spicy salsa roja. 6.00 (plain shoestring fries 4.25)
Chicken Chipotle Wrap
Marinated and sautéed chicken with lettuce, jack cheese and chipotle sour cream wrapped neatly in a flour tortilla. 5.25/without chicken 4.50

The Vintage Challenge (Six Lb Burrito)-20.00 2 lbs of meat, 1.5 lbs of beans, 1.5 lbs of rice, 3 tortillas, tomato, lettuce, onion and cilantro; Topped with our enchilada sauce, avocado, sour cream, olives and hot or mild fresh made salsa. Ask server for official details

Beer Battered Fish and Chips
3 pieces of crispy fried Alaskan pollock with a pile of our shoestring fries served with lemon wedges and our tangy chipotle tartar sauce. 8.25
Totally 80’s Burgers
All burgers are hand-formed from fresh, never frozen ground Certified Angus Beef (No Frisbee Zone) on a fresh-baked kaiser roll and are served with fries (extra patty 1.50)
Smokey & The Bandit
A well seasoned 6oz patty topped with applewood smoked bacon, our smoky BBQ sauce, melted American cheese and onion ring. 7.50b>
Hawaii Five-O
Our well seasoned burger patty is topped with melted pepper jack cheese, our spicy grilled pineapple salsa, and lettuce with a sour cream spead. 7.50
It's "Hasta la vista, baby" if you're not into spicy; our 6 oz burger patty is topped with pepper jack cheese , smoky chipotle mayonnaise, pickled jalapeño, salsa roja, tomato, lettuce and grilled onion. 7.50
Top Gun
Our "All American" cheese burger with a 6 oz pan-seared angus patty topped with American cheese, local tomato,lettuce and sliced onion. 6.75
Mexican Specialities
Enjoy the flavors of our Mexican cuisine using family recipes rooted in Jalisco Mexico Meat Selections: Carne Asada (marinated, thin sliced beef steak), Al Pastor (adobo Pork), Pollo (marinated chicken thigh) Our salsa roja (spicy red salsa) and salsa verde (mild green salsa) are made fresh daily.
Your choice of meat in a corn tortilla topped with diced yellow onion, fresh cilantro and our salsa roja. 1.25
A Mexican Style sandwich with your choice of meat, onions, cilantro, fresh salsa, lettuce and tomato. 4.50
Your choice of meat piled inside a jumbo tortilla with melted Monterey Jack cheese covered with diced onion, fresh cilantro and your choice of hot or mild salsa. 4.50
Fish Taco
Diced and sautéed basa in a corn tortilla topped with yellow onion, fresh cilantro, and salsa roja. 2.25
A corn masa crust topped with your choice of meat, whole beans, cilantro, diced onions, jack cheese, mom's fresh salsa, tomatoes and sour cream. 2.50
Your choice of meat stuffed in a jumbo tortilla with beans, rice, fresh salsa, cilantro and diced onion. 4.50